Friday, April 15, 2016

Date Night Scrapbook Pages

(Photos from 2015)

I have been busy in the scrapbook room lately. Trying to scrapbook all of the giant container of photos I've had printed for Project Life and our scrapbook. Since I graduated from school, I have had time to actually scrapbook and it's been awesome!! The page above is from a mini golf date night we had, and the page below is from a date night when we went to a local concert. Not a fantastic photo of it, but I love the layout in person. 

(Photos from 2014.)

One of the things I make sure we do occasionally is go on dates still. I think it's so important to keep "dating" your spouse even after you are married. I absolutely still need that alone time with him even though we have kids 24/7. (I also make time for myself in the scrap room - also important! ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Last weekend I ran in the Go St. Louis 5K. It was a great experience and I'm super proud of myself because I jogged the whole thing! It's my first time in my 4 years of running to do that. This was my eighth 5K. I was pretty nervous about it overall, but I was 'in the zone' that day and that was everything. By the time I reached mile #2, I wasn't letting myself stop!!

I changed how I trained for this one and it paid off. Instead of running on tracks, I ran around our property. I was able to figure out one lap around the property was 0.25 miles. So I ran and ran and ran for the weeks leading up to my 5K. Sometimes the weather forced me inside on the treadmill, which I hated every second of, but I did it.

While I ran around the property, I was able to take some awesome photos. I ran either in the morning or the evening so there was some excellent lighting. I even had a running buddy...

A photo posted by Laura Menser (@lauramenser) on

A photo posted by Laura Menser (@lauramenser) on

My next 5K is coming up and I'm excited for it. I'm just hoping to beat my last time of 42:24.

A photo posted by Laura Menser (@lauramenser) on

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Light

I snapped this photo the other day from my deck before going to work. I noticed how pretty the light looked coming through the trees and had to snap it!

A lot of the trees are starting to bloom here in IL, and some of the flowers have been coming out too. I'm loving it! Now if it can just warm up a little more - it is a little chilly here this weekend!

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hippo Love

Last year when we went to the zoo Cameron just loved the Hippos! I never expected him to be so obsessed with them, so I had to document it for his scrapbook.

I mostly used the Bella Blvd Zoo Crew Collection Kit to create this page, along with a graph Project Life 3x4 journaling card that I cut down to fit. The alpha is this one from Ali Edwards and the chipboard I had on hand already.